Monday, July 26, 2010


This week the Polvese Island hosts the “Summer Atelier” an activity that involves students from Spain, Greece, Serbia and Italy in a theatrical performance, centred on the respect for human rights, which promotes expression, socialization and communication.
The “Summer Atelier” is one of the activity foreseen by the Hu.Ri.Su project, whose main objective is to sensitize youth and European citizens about the importance of promoting and developing active citizens in Europe by promoting intercultural dialogue and integration among the students. The project is the result of a long effort and of the interest of several organizations from Serbia, Italy, Spain and Greece with the goal to sensitize young people about Human Rights. It makes students thinking and reflecting about the importance of respecting different cultures and of creating a multicultural world where all the cultures are accepted.
Yesterday, July 21, 2010, The Polvese island welcomed the conference “My Right to be Right” organized to promoted the initiative.
The conference had the direct participation of The Province of Perugia, leader partner of the project, by the person of Giuliano Granocchia, councillor of the Work´s politics, Formation and Public Instruction and of Aviano Rossi Vice President, Patrizia Spada President of TAMAT ONG, associated partner of the project, of Alberto Sorbini, Director of ISUC, (Institute of Umbria’s Contemporary History ), associated partner of the project and of C.L.Grugher of Società dello Spettacolo, associated partner of the project and Summer Theatrical Atelier’s coordinator.

During the afternoon, the representatives of the different organizations involved in the project: Elisabetta Volpi (Province of Perugia), Aleksandar Oparnica ( Student’s Cultural Centre of Novi Sad); Jose Miguel Marquez Morales (Diputacion de Granada); Alexia Toutountzi (ANCE); Patrizia Spada (TAMAT ONG) met to decide the details of the next phases of the project.

Besides the theatrical performance, in fact, which next year will be proposed in the different partners´s countries (Perugia, Athens, Granada e Novi Sad), the project Hu.Ri.Su. provides the creation of a board game about the Human Rights that will see the direct involvement of schools of all partner countries in the next school year.

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