Saturday, May 28, 2011 experience.

As one of the students that had the chance to participate in such a wonderful project I can say for myself and for the others that not only have we taken part in creating an artistic show with our different talents , which we all enjoyed but we have also learnt together how important it is to transmit to other young students how important the concept of human rights is.

We have also had the opportunity to learn how to work in a group which I believe is essential for everyday life.
Through different cultures and styles of life we found a way how to communicate between each other and to express ourselves.
At first there were obvious barriers that made it harder for us to communicate but with a little time we found a way.

As well as sending out an important message, as well as learning about the history and culture of our own countries and of the others and as well as learning from each other I believe that some of us had the chance to improve our English skills , seeing as this language was the key to our communication.

Not only have the 8 of us learnt a lot but also the directors , the tutors , the organizers, the teachers and most importantly other students involved in the project.
The idea of creating a performance and a board game to express the concept of human rights is a fun and creative way to capture young peoples interest , which isn't always that easy.

I know that people really did enjoy the performance and that was such a pleasure for all of us. To feel that we were able to make people interested and to enjoy a show that we much enjoyed preparing and making.

We all had a chance to think about facts that we normally don't think about that much and until you start getting involved you don't realize how important it is to spread that voice.

Human rights aren't only violated in the 3rd world , they are violated in our own neighborhoods every single day. Things are happening right now , we have to wake up and realize that its not just a story.

I would like to thank everyone that made Hu.Ri.Su possible and to everyone that showed their support , because without it the project wouldn't nearly have been the success it has been.

Hu.Ri.Su has been a bright spark in our lives and because of this, impossible to forget.

Again a sincere thank you to all that helped ,worked and supported Hu.Ri.Su.

Belle Mc Nulty

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